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Nordic Conference for Adult Education and Learning 2015

Adult Education and the Planetary Condition - the 6th Nordic Conference for Adult Education and Learning

Date: 25 - 28 March, 2015
Venue: University of Tampere, Virta-building, add. Åkerlundinkatu 5

The loose umbrella of the conference is the place and function of adult education in a planetary perspective. It invites researchers to discuss their topics and results in the tension-field of local and global.

Contributions relating adult education to social, economical, ecological and cultural issues are especially welcome, but the conference is open to all interested in encounters and dialogues within the Nordic adult education community.


Would you change just because I asked you to?
Lili-Ann Wolff
Docent/Adjunct Professor
University of Helsinki
Ellen Stavlund
VOFO Norwegian Association for Adult Learning

(Adult) education, indigenous knowledges and Western epistemology: the challenges of sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.
Anders Breidlid
Professor, PhD
Faculty of Education and International Studies
Oslo University College
to be confirmed

Universities of Tampere and Åbo Akademi, and

Research programme Freedom and Responsibility of Popular Adult Education SVV

Scientific committee:
Anja Heikkinen (UTA)
Jyri Manninen (UEF)
Petri Salo (Åbo Akademi)
Aaro Harju (FAEA)

Contact persons:
Anja Heikkinen, anja.heikkinen@uta.fi
Annika Turunen, annika.turunen@abo.fi

Important Dates for Papers
15.11.2014 - Submission of abstract
15.12.2014 - Notification of acceptance
15.02.2015 - Deadline for submission of papers

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