Freedom and Responsibility of Liberal Adult Education (SVV) is a national program that promotes the cooperation of the research on liberal adult education.

In the SVV, the distinctiveness of liberal adult education is considered to crystallize in its missions, methods, meanings and agency, which actualize edification, freedom and responsibility.

The transforming societal-historical context is focused on the implementation of the national programme for development of
liberal adult education, and its crucial definitions of quality and efficiency and of competency.


FAEA, University of Tampere, University of Eastern Finland and Åbo Akademi University have committed to promote and implement Freedom and Responsibility of Liberal Adult Education first 2011 - 2014 and further 2015-2016.

The agreement has been signed by chair person Aaro Harju (FAEA), and professors Anja Heikkinen (UTA), Jyri Manninen (UEF) and Petri Salo (ÅBO).

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